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Automatic Frozen French Fries Plant


French fries size are 7.5*7.5mm and 10*10mm

Electricity Consumption
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Introduction to Automatic Frozen French Fries Line
This is a perfect production line to produce good quality frozen French fries. Our frozen French fries production line has become the most popular product both in domestic and abroad. It enjoys the advantages of high automation, simple operation and energy-saving.
Advantages of Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

frozen french fries machine

★ Every machine of this equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to clean.
★ High working efficiency, save labor and energy.
★ Equipped with advanced and efficient heating system, avoiding energy waste.
★ Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.
Suggestions for Starting A Frozen French Fries Plant

1. Choose a reasonable location where major raw material(potatoes) is available.
2. Using modern cost-effective equipment will greatly reduce production costs.
3. A grasp of the technological knowhow and marketing experience is necessary.
4. Need for initial high investment.
5. For long-term production, you should build A brand Name.
Flowchart of Automatic Frozen French Fries Line
8 Main Machines + lifting devices, sorting machine, rinsing machine

frozen french fries

1. Potato washing and peeling machine: It has emery-lined type and brush type as your reference. Integrating the function of washing and peeling, the potato washing and peeling machine can be used for processing potatoes, carrots, cassava and other root vegetables.
2. Potato slicing machine: It is used for cutting the potatoes into slices, strips or cubes and also suitable for other root vegetables, like carrots, cassava etc. The potato slicing machine is so flexible that the thickness of the potato slices or the size of the potato strips can be adjusted at your will.

frozen french fries

3. Potato blanching machine: The stainless steel rotary blanching machine is of advanced design. The blanching temperature and time can be adjusted based on the processing capacity. The main purpose of blanching is to ensure the potato chips, potato crisps or French fries brightness and crispy.

4. Potato dehydrating machine: It adopts centrifugal principle to remove the surface water in an efficient way. This step is prepared for the frying part, which shortens the frying time and perfects the taste of the potato chips, potato crisps or French fries.


frozen french fries

5. Potato frying machine: The whole frying machine is stainless steel. On the one hand, the oil level can be controlled automatically. On the other hand, the discharge flue, an advanced set, is equipped to avoid influencing French fries or potato chips/crisps flavor. Besides, please notice that the frying oil should be pure edible oil and the temperature be180℃.
6. French Fries de-oiling machine: It is designed to remove the spare oil and ensure the French fries or fried potato chips/crisps more healthy. The vibrating process of the French fries de-oiling machine can speed up filtering process.

frozen french fries

7. Frozen French Fries freezing machine: It is used for freezing the French fries or fried potato chips/crisps. The feeding temperature is at 25℃ and the outlet is at -18℃.
8. French Fries packing machine: The vacuum packing machine is suitable for packing food on a large scale, which improves the packing efficiency and saves a lot of time. As fried potato chips are fragile, the nitrogen is necessary to keep food fresh, tasty and without damage.

Product Name: Automatic Frozen French Fries Plant