PotatoChipsMachinery continue to explore into the depth of potato chips making industry and push the limits with the usage of modern technology and production concepts.

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  • Banana Slicing Machine Banana Slicing Machine

    Specially designed wafer machine for various round shaped fruits and vegetables like apple, kiwi, pineapple, carrot, lotus root, cucumber.

  • Potato Chips Blanching Machine Potato Chips Blanching Machine

    Blanched potato chips has better flavor and taste. This potato chips blanching machine can be also used in many vegetable and meat processing lines.

  • Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine

    The fruit and vegetable dehydrating machine we supply is used for removing the surface water from washed vegetables and fruits, especially in the process of potato chips/crisps or French fries.

  • Potato Chips Frying Machine Potato Chips Frying Machine

    This food frying machine will be the best choice of restaurant, fast food shop, fried chicken shop, school shop, enterprises canteens, fried food enterprises. You can choose automatic discharging type or manual discharging type.

  • Fried  Chips Deoiling Machine Fried Chips Deoiling Machine

    With anti-shock system, potato chips de-oiling machine can run stably at high roasting speed, necessary device in potato chips production line.

  • Fried Potato Chips Seasoning Machine Fried Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

    The chips seasoning machine is made of stainless steel, sanitary and easy to clean, used to season and mix all kinds of food such as fried potato chips, banana chips, puffed food, snacks etc.

  • Potato Chips Packing Machine Potato Chips Packing Machine

    Vacuum packing machine can finish evacuating, nitrogen filling sealing and coding(optional) at one time in short time. Nitrogen can prevent air penetrating into bags gradually and keep potato chips fresh over a long period.

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