PotatoChipsMachinery continue to explore into the depth of potato chips making industry and push the limits with the usage of modern technology and production concepts.

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  • Small Potato Chips Plant Small Potato Chips Plant

    Small potato chips line can be applied in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc. Three different yield potato chips processing lines enjoy high praise in our customers.

  • Automatic Potato Chips Plant Automatic Potato Chips Plant

    The production capacity of our potato chips processing line are from 100-400kg.h. The exclusively researched formula for making crispy potato chips will be provide for customers at free of charge.

  • Small Frozen French Fries Plant Small Frozen French Fries Plant

    Semi-automatic frozen French fries line becomes popular for its remarkable profit. Our hot sales semi-automatic frozen French fries machinery capacity is of 100 kg/h, 200 kg/h and 400 kg/h.

  • Automatic  Frozen French Fries Plant Automatic Frozen French Fries Plant

    300-1200kg/h frozen French fries plant capacity for your choice. Using our cost-effective equipment will greatly reduce production costs and improve working efficiency.

  • Small Banana Chips Plant Small Banana Chips Plant

    We offer 3 different yield (30/60/150 kg/h) banana chips line for your choice. You can make fried plantain chips with adjustable thickness.

  • Automatic Plantain Chips Plant Automatic Plantain Chips Plant

    We have two capacities for automatic banana chips line: 60-70kg/h and 100-150kg/h. The plantain chips line is featured with low energy consumption and easy operation.

  • Potato Washing & Peeling Machine Potato Washing & Peeling Machine

    We have three models potato peeler machine, the capacity is respectively 80-100KG/H, 180-200KG/H, 800KG/H, most convenient potato washing and peeling machine.

  • Automatic Potato Chips Machine Automatic Potato Chips Machine

    Suitable for kinds of roots vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassavas, carrot, radish etc. This multifunctional cutting machine can process them into slices, strips. Thickness from 0.5-10mm.

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