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Automatic Potato Chips Packaging Machine

 Packing Speed: 70 bag/min

Introduction to Automatic Potato Chips Packaging Machine

Automatic potato chips packaging machine is widely used in the automatic potato chips production line and frozen french fries line for packing potato chips and frozen fries. The potato chips packing machine can realize the automatic process of feeding, bag making, filling, date printing, inflating, counting and discharging. The bags can be pillow or vertical type.

automatic bag potato chips packaging equipment for sale

Features of Automatic Potato Chips Packaging Equipment

1. Fast in packing, high efficiency.
2. Full computer control system, human machine interface, large touch screen display, easy operation, intuitive and efficient.
3. Adopting servo film conveyor system, horizontal seal servo control, accurate positioning, excellent performance.
4. The machine can make pillow or vertical bag according to customer’s requirements.
Application of Automatic French Fries Packaging Machine
1. Automatic potato chips bagging machine is widely used in automatic potato chips production plant and frozen french fries production line.
2. Automatic french fries/ potato chips packaging machine can also be used for the quantitative weighing and packaging of peanuts, pistachios, melon seeds, jelly, biscuits, candy, chocolate, pet food, puffed food, ironware, plastic parts and other granulate, flaked, strip, materials with irregular shape.

chips and fries bag packed by automatic potato chips packing machine

Technical Date of Potato Chips Packing Machine

Item           Details
Packing speed 70 bag/min
Measuring Accuracy ≤±1.5% 
Bag size (L)60-300 mm (W)90-200 mm  
Max. Film width 420 mm
Bag type Pillow, Vertical
Filling range 150-1300 ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.09 mm
Packaging material BOPP/CPP,PET/AL/PE, etc
Air consumption    0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
Total powder 6.045 kW
Voltage three phase 380V 50HZ
Air compressor Not less than 1 CBM
Total height 3760 mm


Working Process of Banana Chips Packaging Machine

Feeding bag→Coding→Opening bag→Measuring and filling→Heat sealing→Shaping and finished product discharging.
1. Put the potato chips/french fries/banana chips on the vibrating feeder.
2. The Z-type elevator will convey the product to the input hopper of the weighing system.
3. The weighing system will automatically weigh the product according to the preset figures.
4. The qualified product will fall into the bags for sealing process.
5. The packaged product will be discharged.


Video of Full Automatic Crisps Snack Packaging Machine

Product Name: Automatic Potato Chips Packaging Machine