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Banana Slicing Machine


Banana chips are snacks which can be found easily in snack market. Usually fried banana chips and dried banana chips are covered with sugar, honey and chocolate. There are also many people like special salty or spicy banana chips. All these fried banana chips can be flavored with various sauce in food seasoning machine for different market. This banana slicing machines is specially designed to cut bananas into small round pieces. The cutting thickness can be freely adjusted for best banana chips. Vertical feeding throat ensure every round banana chips.
Banana wafer machine taking place of manual slicing methods has high cutting efficiency. Made of stainless steel, cutters and knives have long service life and can be replaced in one easy way. This banana wafer machine is suitable in small scale banana chips processing line with compact design and small size.

Features of Banana Wafer Machine

1. Slice bananas into round pieces.
2. Thickness can be adjusted.
3. Easy operation saves time and labor.
4. High slicing efficient and high quality.
5. Suitable for various round shaped fruits and vegetables.
6. Compact design makes it suitable in small and medium banana chips production.
This totally automatic banana slicing machine can run smoothly without few operating problems. What you need to do is to place peeled bananas into the feeding throat and wait round and neat sliced banana chips coming out. These cutting knives inside rotates in high speed and bananas will automatically fall for its gravity.

Application of Commercial Banana Slicing Machine
1. Unique slicing machines in banana chips production line.
2. Specially designed wafer machine for various round shaped fruits and vegetables like apple, kiwi, pineapple, carrot, lotus root, cucumber.
3. Can be used in fruit deep-processing line such as fruit can, fruit juice, preserved fruit and dried fruit.

banana wafer

lotus slice

pineapple slice

What’s the perfect banana chips thickness in fried banana chips production?
Sliced banana chips need to be fried for better taste. And generally cutting thickness is around 5mm. Banana chips less than 1mm will be out of shape in frying, and these fried thin banana chips are easily broken in de-oiling steps. While banana chips more than 5mm can not be fully dried and fried.

Video of Automatic Banana Slicing Machine

Product Name: Banana Slicing Machine