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Potato Chips Blanching Machine

Blanching is a cooking process in food processing. A vegetable or fruit is put into boiling water for a few minutes and then plunged into cold water. Food is blanched to soften it, or to partly or fully cook it, or to remove a strong strange taste. Potato chips blanching machine is set behind potato chips cutting machine to pre-cook sliced potatoes in potato chips line. There are three models which can meet your requirement on yield.
During blanching, potato chips’ flavor, color, texture and nutritional value are altered. Water blanching minimizes the leaching of solid, which leaves more natural sugars in products and it improves flavor retention and color retention to produce a final product with superior flavor, texture and color.

Functions of Blanching Machine in A Potato Chips Line

Blanching machine is one necessary pre-cooking device used in fruit, vegetable and meat deep-processing.
1. Blanching can inactive enzymes and reduce microbial loads to improve food safety and increase shelf life.
2. For potatoes that become French fries, blanching also leaches sugars to improve product texture and color.
3. For some ready-to-eat meat and poultry products, blanching machine has the pre-cook functions.
4. For nuts, blanching can facilitate peeling or kill microbes, depending on the temperature and duration of the blanching operation.

Features of Potato Chips Blanching Machine

1. Potato chips products are exposed directly to food-grade water that typically ranges in temperature from 70ºC to 100ºC.
2. Blanching time can be adjustable when convey belt running speed changes.
3. Fluent belt-conveying system has easy operation and easy cleaning functions.
4. After blanching, potato chips and other products have superior flavor, texture and color.
5. This potato chips blanching machine can be also used in many vegetable and meat processing line.

What’s the Perfect Blanching Time?

vegetables blanching machine

Vegetables that are frozen without blanched are safe to eat, but have off colors, textures and flavors. What blanching does is to stop enzymatic activity that decays vegetables.

What’s the perfect blanching time for different vegetables?

In potato chips line, the best blanching temperature is 70℃ and best blanching time is 7-15 minutes.
In home made vegetables, blanching time should be shorter. For green beans, 3 minutes is OK. Usually 3 minutes are enough for most vegetables. And some leaf class vegetables can has short blanching time.

Potato Chips Blanching Machine Specifications



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