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Potato Washing Peeling Machine

We have three models potato peeler machine, the capacity is respectively 80-100KG/H, 180-200KG/H, 800KG/H, most convenient potato washing and peeling machine.

Automatic Potato Chips Machine

Suitable for kinds of roots vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassavas, carrot, radish etc. This multifunctional cutting machine can process them into slices, strips. Thickness from 0.5-10mm.

Continuous Potato Blanching Machine

Continuous potato blanching machine is used for the continuous blanching of potato slices in the automatic potato chips production line. The purpose is to inhibit the enzyme activity to retain the natural color of the potato slices. Blanching machine uses...

Potato Chips Blanching Machine

Blanched potato chips has better flavor and taste. This potato chips blanching machine can be also used in many vegetable and meat processing lines.

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