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Potato Chips VS French Fries

Potato chips and French fries business are most long-lasting profitable industry. Making potato chips and french fries is very easy with advanced potato processing machinery.

Brazilian Potato Chips Market Overview

As a extremely popular snack all over the world, Brazilian potato chips or French fries market will be faced with an even broader prospect of development.

America Huge Potato Chips Consumption Potential

The usual American consumes about six and a half pounds of potato chips per year. Many potato chip makers and entrepreneurs have found the potential of selling potato chips as profitable in the food industry.

National Potato Chips Day is on the Way

Annual National Potato Chips Day is Coming on 14th March, 2014! Like other American food holidays, National Potato Chips Day has the largest followers as potato chips are the most popular snacks all over the world.

Fried Potato Chips VS Baked Potato Chips

Not all baked potato chips are healthier and oil less. Both fried and baked potato chips have the similar fat and nutrition. We supply fried potato chips production line with different capacities.

How to Make Delicious Frozen French Fries

There are several key factors in large scale frozen french fries production. McDonald’s french fries top secret recipe. Choose high quality frozen french plant, start now!

The Optimization of Frozen French Fries Processing Technology

In the aim of producing high-quality French fries and providing a basis for the actual production, this text uses potato variety Netherlands 15 as material to study the influence of drying temperature, dying time, and pre-frying time on the color, w

The Influence of Blanching Time on Frozen Potatoes

The blanching time of potatoes has great influences on the processing of frozen potatoes and potato chips in the following aspects: hardness, vc content, enzyme inactivation, and browning degree.With blanching time increasing, hardness decreases while

The Analysis of Potato Crisps/Chips Industry in Kenya

In Kenya, the potato crisps (chips) processing industry is growing rapidly and also the market demand, so the potato crisps (chips) processing industry has large potential for the local processors as long as they seek high quality raw potatoes and pot

How to Build Yam Chips Production Plant

Yam chips production can not only bring delicious snack in people’s daily life but also benefit health. To build yam chips production plant is the necessary and profitable investment.

The Market Value of Potato Chips in the UK

The potato chips market in the UK is forecast to increase with an anticipated CAGR of 2.4% for the five-year period 2012-2017, which is expected to drive the market to a value of $1,907.8m by the end of 2017. It is profitable for both the local manufa

Market Potential of Potato Chips in Cameroon

There are many favorable factors for Cameroon to produce potato chips, such as favorable natural conditions for growing potatoes, a stronger economy, the development of potato chips machines, globalization that contributes its large-scale commercial p

Angola’s Potato Chips Market

The production of potatoes in Angola has increased dramatically in recent years, this provides the ample raw material for the potato chips production.

The Potato Chips Market in Malaysia

With the development of Malaysia’s urbanization and the increase of people’s income, potato chips are in high demand. As the potato chips market is so big, a new player has great chance to launch in Malaysia with favorable investment environment.

The French Fries Market in Italy

In Italy, after tomatoes, potatoes comprise the most important crop and the potatoes are the main requirement for manufacturing of potato French fries.

Pre-feasibility Study of Potato Chips Industry in Australia

Potato chips are in high demand in Australia as the most popular snack food, especially the premium quality potato chips with the increase of people’s health consciousness. The Australian potato chips market is of potential for a new brand.