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The Ample Raw Material for Making Potato Chips

Angola potato productionDuring the early 16th century, ships from Portugal took both potato and sweet potato to what was to later become Portuguese West Africa. On dependence in 1975, Angola’s annual potato production was about 32000 tonnes, most of it grown in the highlands of Huambo province. Production stagnated during the ensuring 27 years of civil war but boomed once peace was restored-FAO data shows that between 2002 and 2007 the area under potato tripled and total output more than doubled, from 260000 tonnes to a record of 615000 tonnes. And from the chart, we can see that the quantity of potato production in Angola has increased dramatically. This provides ample raw material for potato chips production.

The Rising Potato Chips Industry in Anglo

In Angola, very little food production and processing occur, with some exceptions for packaged foods such as soft drinks. There is no exception for potatoes. As we have mentioned that the production of potatoes in Angola has been increased largely in recent years, there are not many manufacturers of potato chips. However, in recent years, several public and private initiatives are being directed to investment in more sophisticated means of production and food processing. Nowadays Angola’s potato industries are seeking further processing of potatoes to get the most out of potato goodness. In the potato processing industry, there is also a growing interest in convenience foods and ready-made products such as potato chips, French fries, etc.. The increasing demand for processed potato products can be met by industrial production machines and production lines. Form, color, taste, hygiene, and quality are important starting points, as well as capacity, efficiency, reliability, and production output. Thus more and more buyers from Angola are looking for high-quality and cheap price potato chips machines and potato chips production line. Recently there was an Angola customer who purchased a set of our 50kg/h Semi-automatic Potato Chips Line which has a good working performance all the time, and the feedback is very good.



Types of Potato Chips in Angola

In Angola people who like salty snacks, usually, reach for potato chips. These crispy potato snacks are deep-fried and seasoned. Potato chips can be of different thicknesses. These deep-fried slices of potato are often seasoned with salt and herbs. Other potato chip varieties include sour cream or vinegar flavorings. You can choose lower-salt and baked varieties. Traditional potato chips are seasoned with ranch dressing flavors and cheese. Go online to find sweet potato or blue potato chips. You can find potato chips for your café or deli through online wholesalers. Customers looking for small serving sizes can find ridged chips they prefer in the supermarket or gas station convenience stores. Browse the product selection, and read the nutritional information. Find suppliers that offer quality products at a fair price. If you get to sample different chip brands at a whole store, then do a taste test. Decide what you think your customers will buy. If buying for your family at a retail grocery store, choose small bags to maintain the potato chip’s crunchy quality. Of course, there are other clients who may want larger bags of barbeque potato chips to share with a youth sports team.

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