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Potato Dewatering Machine

The potato dehydrating machine we supply is used for removing the surface water from washed vegetables and fruits, especially in the process of potato chips/crisps or French fries.

Potato Chips Frying Machine

This food frying machine will be the best choice of restaurant, fast food shop, fried chicken shop, school shop, enterprises canteens, fried food enterprises. You can choose automatic discharging type or manual discharging type.

Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine

Potato chips frying machine is used for continuous frying of potato chips in the automatic potato chips production line. Equipped with double layers mesh belt to convey the materials and oil filter to remove the residues.

Continuous Potato Chips Dryer & Deoiling Machine

Potato chips dryer machine is used for removing the surface water of blanched potato chips or removing the excess oil of fried potato chips. Adopt high-pressure fans and mesh belt of multiple turnings, having a good effect.

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