2 types of quality french fries cutting machines for choice, to cut potatoes into regular fries and crinkle fries and create delicious uniformly sized French fries. Ideal for restaurants, large kitchens, and french fries production plants.

1.TKQS-600 French Fries Cutting Machine

Adopting high-speed stainless steel cutting blades, the TKQS-600 French fries cutting machine assists you with an effective way to cut potatoes into fries. It can cut 600kgs of potatoes per hour. The cutting size ranges from 7mm to 20mm.

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Cutting Knives

Cutting knives

Cutting Knives shelf

Cutting knives shelf

Feeding port

Feeding port

Discharging chute, could be flat or bent down.

Discharging chute

  • Specifications of TKQS-600 French Fries Cutting Machine
Model TKQS-600
Power 1.5kw
Capacity 600kg/h
Weight 110kg
Dimension 950*800*950mm
Material 304 Stainless Steel
  • This potato cutting machine is always used in the french fries production line.
  • Cutting size can be changed by adjusting the blade.
  • The discharging direction can be flat or bent down.
  • Suitable for cutting various kinds of root vegetables, such as potato, sweet potato, taro, turnip, carrot, cassava, etc. into strips.

2. Crinkle Fries Cutting Machine

The crinkle fries cutting machine is a kind of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. This stainless steel crinkle-cutting wavy fries cutter can not only cut potatoes into wave chips, flat chips, crinkle french fries, and strips but also can cut all kinds of vegetables and fruits into cubes, chops, strips, and chips.

different shapes cutting by the crinkle fries cutting machine
Different Cutting Blades

Different cutting blades

Belt Brush for preventing vegetable leaves stick to the belt

Belt Brush for preventing vegetable leaves stick to the belt

Slicing Cutter for root vegetable slicing

Cutter for slicing root vegetable

Water Proof On, Off Switch

Water Proof On/Off Switch

Belt Cutter for leafy vegetable cutting

Belt Cutter for leafy vegetable cutting

Durable Wheel for Easy Moving

Durable Wheel for Easy Moving

  • The crinkle fries cutting machine can cut potatoes into crinkle shape fires, the thickness is adjustable. The regular shape french fries can be cut by changing the blade. Thus you can produce two shapes of french fries with one machine, great value for money.
  • Fast cutting speed.
  • The cutting width and thickness can be adjustable freely.
  • This crinkle fries cutting machine is multifunctional for cutting different shapes, such as slices, cubes, diamonds, stripes, crinkle slices, and crinkle strips.
  • This multifunctional Vegetable cutter machine is suitable for all kinds of root vegetables, stem vegetables, leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, celery, leek, spinach, shallot, cucumber, carrot, radish, potato, sea tangle, bean products, etc.
  • Specifications of Crinkle Fries Cutting Machine
Model TKCF-66 TKCF-100
Power 0.55kw 0.75kw
Capacity 600kg/h 1000kg/h
Weight 100kg 180kg
Dimension 1100*370*800mm 1300*500*950mm

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