The deoiling machine plays a very important role in the fried potato chips and fries or other fried food production plants. The deoiling process can make potato chips contain less oil, and be more crispy and tasty. What’s more, deoiling helps reduce the manufacturing cost of fried potato chips.

1. Centrifugal Deoiling Machine

Using the centrifugal principle, this de-oiling machine adopts the anti-shock system, so the device will not shake during the deoiling process.

stainless steel deoiling machine
  • Specifications of Centrifugal Deoiling Machine
Model TKTY-400 TKTY-500 TKTY-600 TKTY-800
Power 1.1Kw 1.5Kw 2.2Kw 3Kw
Capacity 300kg/h 400kg/h 500kg/h 700kg/h
Weight 360kg 380kg 420kg 480kg
Dimension 1000*500*700mm 1100*600*750mm 1200*700*750mm 1400*900*800mm

2. Bottom Discharging Deoiling Machine

This deoiling machine uses the principle of mechanical centrifugal, through inner barrel high-speed rotation to sling out oil.

  • Automatically discharge at the end of deoiling.
  • The timer is equipped with the machine, the deoiling time can be set depending on requirements.
  • The bottom discharging deoiling machine has high working efficiency and larger output. Therefore, equipped with a feeding elevator and discharging elevator, this machine is often used in the fully automatic potato chips production line with large output.
best selling automatic deoiling equipment
rotating barrel for deoing process
fried foods can be processed by the automatic deoiling machine
  • Specifications of Automatic Discharging Deoiling Machine
Model BTY-800
Power 1.5kw
Capacity 2000kg/h
Weight 600kg
Dimension 1200*1200*1400mm

3. Vibration Deoiling Machine

The vibration deoiling machine can remove the extra oil by high-frequency vibration. Low energy consumption, large capacity, high efficiency, and screening precision.

  • The bottom is with an oil discharging plate.
  • Materials: stainless steel 304, frame 4mm, square tubes 100*50*3mm, sieve plate 3mm, holes 5mm, motor base 6mm.
  • The vibration dewatering machine is are widely used in school canteens, large and medium-sized restaurants, potato chips processing plants, and other food processing industries.
deoiled fried food
  • Specifications of Vibration Deoiling Machine
















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