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Potato chips dehydrating machine we supply is used for removing the surface water from the slices, strips, dices of the cleaned or soaked fruits and vegetables like potato, sweet potato, cucumber, apples, bananas etc. This dehydrating machine plays an important role in the fruit and vegetable processing line, especially in the process of potato chips/crisps or French fries. It enjoys a great popularity in the food processing industry. There are four capacity can be your reference according to your business: 8-10kg/time, 15-20kg/time, 25-30kg/time and 35-40kg/time.

Model TS500 TS600 TS700 TS800
Power Source 0.75kw/380v 1.1kw/380v 1.5kw/380v 2.2kw/380v
Capacity 8-10kg/batch 15-20kg/batch 25-30kg/batch 35-40kg/batch
Weight 400kg 500kg 600kg 700kg
Dimension (mm) 940*560*830 1050*660*930 1180*750*930 1280*820*1000
Drum Diameter 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm

1. The dewatering machine is wholly made of stainless steel, so it is sanitary and also easy to clean.
2. The vegetable and fruit dewatering machine adopts the centrifugal principle, through the fast rotating barrel to remove the food and vegetable surface water.
3. Centrifugal dewatering machine is equipped with an anti-shock system which ensures a reliable working condition.
4. This dehydrating machine is also equipped with the digital control panel which makes the operation of high automation and labor-saving.
5. Equipped with electromagnetic brake, the vegetable dewatering machine features a safe and quick on-off.

★ The dehydrating machine is suitable for lots of fruits and vegetable.
★ High automation and easy operation, multifunctional and environmental.
★ The reliable working condition, high speed, and low noise.
★ Large capacity, low energy dissipation, and pollution.


☞ The above machine mentioned is our small fruit and vegetable dehydrating machine, which can be an auxiliary machine for the semi-automatic potato chips plant.

☞ We can also supply the large air-cooled dehydrating machine, which is suitable for the automatic food processing line. If you are interested in this type of machine, please let us know and we can give you more details about it.