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We offer advanced potato chips/French fries frying machine. This food frying machine not only is designed for frying potato chips/crisps and French fries, but also suitable for frying nuts fruits like the broad bean, peanuts, and puffed food, drumsticks, rice crust etc. Due to its qualities of high efficiency and energy-saving, our potato chips/French fries frying machine enjoys great popularity in medium and small chips processing enterprises.

Highlights of Potato Chips Frying Machine

1. The frying machine is made of full stainless steel and its temperature can be controlled freely, so it is suitable for frying many kinds of food.
2. The frying machine adopts advanced oil-water mixture technology, which can save oil 50%, save power 40%.
3. Automatic water and oil temperature control system improves the fried product quality.
4. This food frying machine is equipped with an over-temperature protection device, safer than other equipment.

Advantages of French Fries Frying Machine

1. The whole machine adopts exquisite workmanship, durable and easy to clean.
2. Intelligent digital display temperature controller is convenient and practical.
3. Oil and water will be automatically separated after mixing, oil on the top to fry food, water at the bottom to receive waste, which actually can keep oil clear and reduce the oil-wasting.lity.
4. Advanced oil-water mixture technology reduces waste and saves energy

Technical Data of Manual Potato Chips Fryer Machine

* The discharging method of this food frying machine is manual.

Model DYZ-500 DYZ-1000 DYZ-1200
Power Source 9kw/380v 21kw/380v 24kw/380v
Oil Groove Size(mm) 500*500*400 1000*500*400 1200*500*400
Dimension(mm) 880*620*930 1380*620*950 1580*620*1000
Weight 60kg 120kg 140kg

Technical Data of Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine

* The discharging method of this food frying machine is automatic.

Model DYZ-1200A DYZ-1500A
Power 27kw/380v 40.5kw/380v
Oil Groove Size(mm) 1200*700*400 1500*700*400
Dimension(mm) 1600*1050*1200 1900*1050*1200
Weight 210kg 230kg