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The small, energy-saving, efficient, multi-purpose and economical quick-freezer is mainly used for fast-frozen chips, meat, seafood in small and medium-sized frozen food processing plants. It is equipped with self-developed refrigerant and imported mixed compressor to make use of programs that control the process of soft cooling, blast cooling, and shock freezing. During the cooling process, a stable vertical annular low-temperature airflow is formed by a fan and a guide plate, which exchanges heat with frozen food to achieve rapid cooling. What’s more, temperature range, temperature curve, temperature report and temperature historical data can be displayed and printed out the report through “one-click” on the control panel, which is called “one-click precision operation”.

potato chips quick chilling machine
Small potato quick freezer is capable of freezing the center temperature of the frozen items to -18℃ in a short time, and quickly passes through the temperature zone of producing ice crystals(0 to -5 degree interval) within 30 minutes to achieve the purpose of slowing down the loss of nutrients and the original flavor, which ensures that the moisture and quality of the food is fully preserved, and helps maintain the texture of the food. This also prevents the loss of moisture and preserves the primary color, taste, and quality of the food.

1. Disc Type Instant Freeze Machine

Within 240 minutes, the temperature of the food center is lowered to -18 ° C in the instant freezer, while ensuring the original flavor of the ingredients. And at such low temperature, microbes rarely reproduce and food safety is assured.

disc type potato fries freezing machines

1.1 Features of disc type quick freeze machine

(1) Three freeze modes are available

  • Soft Cooling

Soft blast chilling is suited for delicate or thin foods such as rice, vegetables, fried foods.

  • Blast Chilling

Hard blast chilling is very effective for dense, greasy and large-sized foods. The food center temperature dropped to +3℃ in 90 minutes, quickly passing the risk range of 65 degrees to 10 degrees, inhibiting bacterial growth and food dehydration, and guaranteeing the color and flavor of the food and extending the shelf life of the food.

  • Shock Freezing

Shock freezing is suited for any food product. In the freezing process, water molecules are transformed into crystals. The faster they are frozen, the smaller the crystals are, so as not to destroy the structure of food. The disc types quick freeze machine can reduce the temperature of the food center to -18℃ in 270 minutes while ensuring the original flavor of the ingredients.
(2) The machine is equipped with a core probe or timer to cycle control the temperature of the food center all the time.
(3) The freezing machine has the function of hot gas defrosting, which keeps the inner space clean and reduce the energy loss.
(4) Dynamic display of refrigeration status (Blast chilling / Preserving): intelligent and controllable.

1.2 Optional functions of the small blast freezer

  • The tray distance can be set: the machine is structured with 10 mm variable pitch.
  • Castors and sterilizing UV are available.
  • The machine has HACCP printing function.

1.3 Applications of small blast chiller

These high-performance blast chillers are at their best for freezing products such as chips, meat, bread, cake and ice cream in the bakery, confectionery and food service.

1.4 The main parameters of disc type instant freezer

Description Disc type blast chiller Disc type blast chiller Disc type blast chiller
Capacity 5 trays 10 trays 15 trays
Yield Hard blast chilling(90℃~3℃): 16KG

Shock freezing(90℃~-18℃):10KG

Hard blast chilling:35KG/90 MINS

Shock freezing:25KG/270 MINS

Hard blast chilling(90℃~3℃): 40KG

Shock freezing(90℃~-18℃):28KG

Dimension:mm 800*700*900 800*700*1486 800*797*1970
Power 1573W 2850W/6.5A 5443W
Voltage 230V/1N/50hz 400V/3N/50hz 400V/3N/50hz


2. Trolley type instant freezer

Trolley type instant freeze machine is designed to allow uniform, efficient freezing. The core temperature probe monitors the temperature at the food center. And equipped with trolleys, the roll-in refrigerator has a large capacity and save the exchange time(First, change the food to the trolley and then push them together into the cabinet, therefore, the cold air will not be lost quickly.) Most suitable for fast freezing chips, cream cakes etc.

trolley chips blast freezer

2.1 Features of the trolley-type blast freezer

  • Large capacity

The instant freezer has large storage capacity, which can satisfy food refrigeration and storage at the same time.

  • Faster quick-freezing

It only takes 90 minutes for an empty machine to cool to -45℃.

  • Lower cost

Trolley type fast chiller is by electricity powered and custom setting temperature. Refuse 24 hours of non-stop cooling.

  • Low electricity consumption&durable

Food freezing only requires 2.5 degrees of electricity.

2.2 Structure details of the trolley-type freezer

  • The strong and durable handle which is made of stainless steel. In accordance with the design of the human being.
  • Super thick-tailed door seal, to ensure no loss of air conditioning.
  • Equipped with multi stainless steel trays, to meet the storage needs.
  • Intelligent temperature adjustment such as custom setting temperature. No need for continuous electricity consumption.
  • Multi fans provide forced air cooling, effectively speed up the cooling speed.

2.3 Applications of double door quick freezing machine

Trolley type quick chiller are widely used in frozen chips, frozen seafood, frozen meat, frozen aquatic products. In addition, the quick-freezing test equipment plays an important role in the aerospace industry, plastics/chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and related fields for research and development of cold resistance, dry resistance, and R&D.

2.4 Product parameters of the trolley-type instant freezer

Description Dimension Volume Tray size
5 trays instant freezer 880*850*1020mm 150L 60*40mm
10 trays instant freezer 880*850*1650mm 280L 60*40mm
22 trays instant freezer 1360*1110*2060mm 1000L 60*40mm