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Banana chips enjoy great snack market for its delicious and sweet taste. Fried banana chips can be used as dessert which is covered with sugar, honey or chocolate. Other people may like salty banana chips which are flavored with a different sauce. Similar to potato chips process, fried banana chips production line has the same slicing, frying and seasoning procedure. Generally, fried banana chips are made from immature or green bananas. Sliced bananas would be blanched firstly to keep color and then have deep fry in sunflower oil or coconut oil. Banana chips manufacturers could flavor different sauce to make fried banana chips sweet, salty or spicy.

Plant Area

☆ The ratio of raw material and the finished product is 4:1
☆ Frying time is
2-3 minutes

Banana Peeling — Peeled Banana Slicing — Banana Slice Blanching — Banana Slice De-watering — Banana Chips Frying — Fried Banana Chips De-oiling — Banana Chips Flavoring — Banana Chips Packaging

1. Banana Peeling

For semi-automatic banana chips plant, you can peel the banana by hand to reduce cost or use banana peeling machine to improve peeling efficiency.

2. Peeled Banana Slicing

banana chips cutting machine

Banana Slicing Machine: specially designed to make banana slices. Vertical feeding ensure sliced bananas round and neat. Two feeding throats fasten slicing speed. Concealed cutters and slicers have high safety and security in banana slicing process.
√ Banana chips thickness can be adjusted.
√ Vertical feeding makes banana chips round and neat.
√ Two feeding throats have double slicing yield.
√ Safe operation and easy to clean.

3. Banana Slice Blanching

potato blanching machine for sale

Banana Chips Blanching Machine: after processed by banana chips blanching machine, banana chips have better taste, good color and texture and high nutritional value Hot water stop enzymatic activity which would decay bananas. Blanching time and temperature can be changed for the best flavor.
√ Keep good color and texture in sliced banana chips.
√ Blanched banana chips have a long shelf life.
√ Blanching time and water temperature can be adjusted.

4. Banana Slice De-watering

potato chips dewatering machineBanana Slice Dehydration Machine: used to remove banana chips surface water in centrifugal principle. High roasting speed ensures a full dewatering process. Dry banana chips are easy to be fried and reserved.
√ High dewatering rate.
√ Run smoothly with an anti-shock system.
√ Automatic controlled by digital cabinet


5. Banana Chips Frying

electric potato chips fryerBanana Chips Frying Machine: there are two heating methods in banana chips frying machine — Heated by Electricity and Heated by Coal.
√ Advanced oil-water mixing frying technology.
√ Two heating methods can be chosen freely.
√ Less oil consumption

6.Banana Chips De-oiling

fried chips oil removing machine

Fried Banana Chips De-oiling Machine: like banana chips dewatering machine, the banana chips de-oiling machine also works in centrifugal principle to remove the extra oil in fried banana chips. De-oiled fried banana chips have good taste and less oil and fat.
√ High de-oiling rate.
√ Rotating speed can be adjusted.
√ Reduce oil investment.
√ De-oiled banana chips

7. Banana Chips Flavoring

potato chips seasoning machine

Banana Chips Seasoning Machine: fried banana chips could have different taste mixed with various condiments. Though sweet banana chips are most popular, other flavors like salty, spicy also have a great market. There are three flavoring ways: disc type, octagonal type, and drum type.
√ Three mixing models are for your reference.
√ Low broken rate in seasoning process.
√ Suitable for any kind of fried food.

8.Banana Chips Packaging

vacuum potato chips packing machineFried Banana Chips Packaging Machine: nitrogen will protect fried banana chips from reacting with oxygen and keep banana chips fresh and crisp. Fried banana chips packaging machine has both nitrogen filling function and vacuum package function.
√ Sealing, Cooling, nitrogen filling and coding(optional)at one time.
√ Tight sealing keeps fried banana chips fresh and tasty.

1. We offer 3 different yields (30/60/150 kg/h) banana chips line for your choice.
2. Semi-automatic operation taking place of manual process improves overall banana chips productivity greatly with less time and labor.
3. All processing(blanching, frying, seasoning) time can be adjusted for perfect taste.
4. The semi-automatic fried banana chips production line is most suitable for small-scale banana chips manufacturers for much less investment and same high-quality banana chips.
5. The difference between semi-automatic line and the fully-automatic line is the conveyor device. In semi-automatic banana chips processing line, workers need to put products into next machine with their hands.
6. Whole fried banana chips making circumstance are more clean and tidy in the semi-automatic fried banana chips production line.
7. Banana chips made by machines rather than workers have a neat and beautiful appearance.