Similar to the potato chips process, the fried banana chips production line has the same slicing, frying, and seasoning procedure.

  • Generally, fried banana chips are made from immature or green bananas.
  • Banana chips manufacturers could flavor different sauces to make fried banana chips sweet, salty, or spicy.
  • Offer different capacities banana chips making machine line as per your need.
banana chips small scale industry
Semi-automatic Banana/Plantain Chips Production Line
Output: 50kg/h
No. Equipment Model Power Dimension
1 Banana Slicing Machine QP-600 1.5 kw 700*700*900mm
2 Frying Machine DFYZ-1500 36.0kw 1700*700*950mm
3 De-oiling Machine TKTY-400 1.1kw 1000*500*700mm
4 Seasoning Machine TKBL-800 1.1kw 1000*800*1300mm
5 Vertical Packing Machine EW-320 2.0kw 2040*750*1640mm

☆ The ratio of raw material and the finished product is 3:1
☆ Frying time is
4-5 minutes

Banana Peeling — Peeled Banana Slicing  — Banana Chips Frying — Fried Banana Chips De-oiling — Banana Chips Flavoring — Banana Chips Packaging

green banana peeling machine for banana chips production

1. Banana Peeling

For semi-automatic banana chips plants, you can peel the banana by hand to reduce cost or use a banana peeling machine to improve peeling efficiency.

  • Capacity for choice: 150kg/h and 300kg/h.
  •  It is specially designed for the green banana.
  • Peel cleanly, the banana pulp is smooth without damage.
  • Suitable to process green bananas of different sizes.
  • After peeling, the banana pulp and the peel will come out separately.


multipurpose banana slicing machine for sale

2. Peeled Banana Slicing

Banana Slicing Machine: specially designed to cut peeled bananas into banana slices. Vertical feeding ensure sliced bananas are round and neat. High safety and security in the banana slicing process.
√ Banana chips thickness can be adjusted.
√ Vertical feeding makes banana chips round and neat.
√ Feeding inlets are of different sizes, suitable for different materials.
√ Safe operation and easy to clean.

electric potato chips fryer

3. Banana Chips Frying

Banana Chips Frying Machine: there are two heating methods in banana chips frying machines — electric heating or gas heating.
√ To fry the chips, frying temperature: 170-180 ℃, frying time: 4-5 minutes
√ Advanced oil-water mixing frying technology.
√ Two heating methods can be chosen freely.
√ Less oil consumption

centrifugal deoiling machine

4. Banana Chips De-oiling

Fried Banana Chips De-oiling Machine:  the banana chips de-oiling machine works in centrifugal principle to remove the extra oil in fried banana chips. De-oiled fried banana chips have good taste and less oil and fat.
√ High de-oiling rate.
√ Rotating speed can be adjusted.
√ Reduce oil investment.
√ De-oiled banana chips

fried chips seasoning machine with seasoning discharge pot

5. Banana Chips Flavoring

Banana Chips Seasoning Machine: fried banana chips could have different tastes mixed with various condiments. Though sweet banana chips are most popular, other flavors like salty, spicy also have a great market. 
√ Flavor the banana chips with seasoning powder evenly.
√ The low broken rate in the seasoning process.
√ Suitable for any kind of fried food.

6. Banana Chips Packaging

  • Can fill nitrogen gas into the bags, with date printer
  • The machine is with one bag former for one film width, if you have different film width, we need to customize the suitable bag formers.
  1. Semi-automatic operation taking place of the manual process improves overall banana chips productivity greatly with less time and labor.
  2. All processing( frying, seasoning) time can be adjusted for a perfect taste.
  3. The semi-automatic fried banana chips production line is most suitable for small-scale banana chips manufacturers for much less investment and the same high-quality banana chips.
  4. The difference between the semi-automatic line and the fully-automatic banana chips production line is the conveyor device. In semi-automatic banana chips processing line, workers need to put products into the next machine with their hands.
  5. Whole fried banana chips making circumstances are more clean and tidy in the semi-automatic fried banana chips production line.
  6. Banana chips made by machines rather than workers have a neat and beautiful appearance.

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