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UK-style Potato Chips or US-style Potato Chips

Before we analyze potato chips’ popularity and market in Brazil, Let’s clear the definition or meaning of the word Chips in America and British.
In the UK: Chips = french fries = Pommes Frites – Often served with fast food, steak, etc.
In Uthe S: Chips = snack made of potatoes. Sold in shops and kiosks. Have taste additives such as salt & pepper, paprika, vinegar, sour cream & onion, cheese, etc.
Brazil is home to the second-largest potato chips market. Even though not as much as in India, both UK-style potato chips and US-style potato chips are also quite popular in Brazil. Besides, Queijo Coelho, a traditional Brazilian cheese, is one of several flavors of Elma Chips available in Brazil. Soya Sauce and Onion, Mediterranean, and Turkey are other varieties enjoyed in this country.

Brazilian Fast Food Industry Trends

There is no doubt that no matter UK-style chips or US-style chips both belong to the fast food industry. Thanks to the attractive growth rates in chained bakery products, new players have entered this category in recent years. This is the case of the international chain Quiznos, a sandwich specialist which started the activity in Brazil in 2011 and increased rapidly; it had 21 stores in the first months of 2013. Other examples include the proliferation of several small sweet bakery goods specialists mainly in mini sweets such as chocolate-based sweets and cupcakes, which expanded in large metropolitan areas through franchising during 2012. Brazilian fast food industry has developed so rapidly and well, which indicates potato chips market enjoyed broad space for development.

Brazilian Popular Snacks Similar to Potato Chips

In Brazil, many popular snacks are similar to potato chips or flavor similar to potato chips, such as Salgadinhos and Batata Palha are that every Brazilian grew up with.

Salgadinhos potato crisps

Salgadinhos, that is Brazilian chips, before the Ruffles and Doritos and Cheetos started taking over. They’re corn-based, salty, with just the right amount of grease…

Batata Palha fries

Batata Palha, that is little-fried potato sticks. They’re potato chips in a slimmer stick version. Don’t be fooled, their shape in no way takes away from their potato chip goodness. Putting it on any and everything, just like ketchup. Batata palha on your hot dogs, batata palha on your stroganoff, batata palha on everything.
Of course, there are still many other Brazilian special and local snacks like Passatempo, Pipoca de Arroz, Biscoito de Polvilho etc. Anyway, it shows that Brazilians like potato chips flavor to a certain extent at least.

Brazilian Potato Chips Market Prospects

Increasing demand for chilled frozen and ready-made products, like potato chips or French fries, and increasing proportion of meals consumed outside of the home brighten Brazilian potato chips market prospects. All leading operators within fast food have already announced their intention to invest in Brazil over the 2012-2017 period through significant resources expanding into new opening stores in the largest cities of the country as well as to increase participation in other regions as south, northeast, and center-east. According to ABF, 60% of foodservice chains are concentrated in the southeast region, which shows the potential growth to expand into other geographical areas. As an extremely popular snack all over the world, we believe that the Brazilian potato chips or French fries market will be faced with an even broader prospect of development.

Now that there is a bright future for the potato chips market in Brazil, fully automatic potato chips processing line will be necessary. It is complete potato chips machinery that we can supply.

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